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I just want to thank all of you who prayed for me

that I didn’t get the chance to respond to.

I really can’t believe how all of you told God to help me in such a powerful way. It’s almost like you made a phone call to the company I interviewed with and told them to hire me. They told the recuriting company that directed me to the company I interviewed for, that they plan on making an offer early next week.

I still plan on attending my other interview on Tuesday but, wow, you folks really know how to really help. In fact, I didn’t even get a parking ticket after keeping my car over the meter time limit. And considering my dire financial situation without work, this was also hard to believe.

I thanked God and everyone at Woodale. May the journey continue…


Like any other traumatic experience,

the past year and a half has really helped to put things in perspective. I never let myself forget how I felt. Nor have I forgotten about the others still out there and am providing advice, references, and referrals whenever possible. Good people are still out there searching for jobs, and I have a responsibility to contribute in any way I can.


I applied for the job online,

but had a friend on the inside make sure my resume got to the internal HR person. Glad I did as she mentioned later that my resume didn’t make it through their system.

I had two phone interviews and one half day of face-to-face interviews. Before the interviews, I worked with a coach who helped me prepare. She used a lot of behavioral interviewing techniques and we talked a lot about my STAR stories to use as situational examples in the interview. We also talked a lot about getting my mind set right and be prepared with a lot of questions, etc.

I mentioned I just went through Strength Finders and he smiled and nodded. I told him two of mine were Analytical and Responsibility (two from his list) and it worked as it was the type of person they were looking to hire.

For me, the turnaround in my search was focusing in on my true strengths of Operations and Engineering and putting off some of the other areas that I was interested in. In talking with you and a few others, I was able to get that clarity and it helped my search.

I was only out 5 months before I got the offer, but I have to say that the last 6 weeks or so, I was really getting discouraged. I was attending a lot of networking meetings, and talking with people, but I probably wasn’t following all of the good advice that Wooddale was teaching me about networking etc. Hopefully I won’t have to go through this again, but if so, I feel I have learned a lot of valuable lessons and have met a lot of good people.

I really appreciated the support Wooddale and people like yourself gives to people. It really does help.


Dear Yellow Taggers,

I wanted to say a special thank you for your help in my job search over the past year. I was highly impressed with your “first timers” 5 hour seminar and I really appreciated the feeling of support I got from your group during the tumultuous time that is a job search. I think that beginners seminar was possibly the best I have heard (and I have heard many!) I especially liked the part where you highlighted the emotional impact. During the whole process I was impressed with how smart a program you have. That thing also runs like a well oiled machine! I will be providing donuts for the meeting Monday as a token of thanks as I have recently landed a job at a market development consulting company called Dymedex.

Thanks again and here’s hoping you have a great 2013!


My words to those in the Monday morning meetings:

(1) TRUST THE PROCESS that these incredibly talented men have organized and (2) develop absolute clarity in what you want to do. Once I developed absolute clarity that business analysis is my path, this consulting project developed and lastly (3) pray / meditate. So much good comes out of simple prayer.

I do plan to return to the Monday morning meetings for a booster whenever I need it.

Peace and blessings


I attended the Wooddale Job Transition Support Group for the first time last Monday. Wow!

What an amazing experience! Here are some details:

I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt right at home. The initial session was insightful and encouraging.

The presentation by Bud and John proved to be very informative and extremely helpful. What a blessing to have volunteers of that caliber!

The process to sign up for the Yahoo group was intuitive and efficient.

The website itself is so helpful! The organization of the site makes it extremely easy to navigate. The contents and various links are very valuable.

All that is wonderful, but it pales in comparison to the overall Job Transitions Support Group ministry.


Since you last counseled me back in July

when I was in despair over my frustration in seeking work, I went back to the basics promoted by the job transition group and created a list of network contacts. After several meetings which led to even more meetings, I networked my way into a short consulting gig at the MN Bureau of Mediation Services. It’s about 142 hours but enough for me to consolidate my Business Analysis credentials

Your employment ministry is a lifeline. Everyone involved is an extremely talented individual who offered support and a warm shoulder (and sometimes a needed kick in the pants) whenever I asked for help. Every man there is a very special human being and doing good work.

Thank you Tom, for your warm support and help in my need. I felt that when we spoke that you figuratively picked me up, brushed off the dust, wiped my nose, and gave me a hug before we proceeded to map out an action plan for me. Your prayers gave me strength.


I’ve been attending Wooddale’s Job Transition workshop

and so appreciate the ministry. I literally am studying – and then applying the steps on the jobs transition.net web site each day – and I am blessed by it! As a result of following the steps I have a telephone interview with the Federal Reserve Bank on Tuesday for a job that closely matches my experience and skills. If you could be so kind to pray for the interview, that’d be great. In discussing the interview with the recruiter, she indicated that it would be a behavioral interview – and so I’ll be out on the Wooddale Job transition site this weekend studying as best as I can! I’ve also appreciated Pastor Bell’s prayers he has provided Mondays that I’ve been at the Job Transition Group. I am moved each time he prays; his compassion is evident and my heart is refreshed to just how much God loves us. Thanks again